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Fresh fruits

MBF company deals with manufacturing, sales and distribution of fresh fruit in the domestic market and export to foreign markets. We operate in the Polish fruit-farming area  south of Warsaw, where the best quality fruits throughout Europe are produced.


Our farming area (we are holding Global G.A.P. certificate) covers approximately 100 hectares, where pear, apple and cherry trees are cultivated.
We currently have 16 chambers with approximately 3 000 tons of capacity and the storage base is being constantly expanded. Storing fruit in controlled atmosphere guarantees its freshness and preservation of valuable nutrients. Modern storage and sorting base ensures availability of apples and pears throughout the year.

The company founders have been operating in the fruit-farming and fresh fruit industry for many years.


Fresh and tasty consumption apples

in a wide range of varieties, including: Red Prince, Jonagored , Idared, Najdared,
Red Boscoop, Champion, Gloster , Golden Delicious, Gala, Lobo, Cortland, Ligol.

Fresh and tasty consumption pears

(including: Conference, Lucas, Doyenné de Comice)

Apples and pears can be packed in 6kg or 15kg carton boxes in bulk or in moulded trays.

Occasional apples with inscriptions

e.g. I love you, Merry Christmas or the name of your company. Technology of obtaining such inscriptions uses natural methods and begins in the orchard.

Individual inscriptions (with company name or names for wedding reception) are taken by the end of June at the latest.



Apples are packed according to individual customer needs: separately in boxes, in carton boxes  in bulk or in moulded trays.

We execute orders for individual packaging according to customer needs.


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