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Service range:

  • Degassing fruit - degassing process is carried out in our company. It aims to draw air from the fruit (apple / pear), so that the fruit does not darken for a long time (even in the middle  fruit is not dark), it is lighter. Plus side is that in the process is used much less preservatives
  • Freezing fruit and vegetables in fluidizing tunnel.
  • Storage of products in freezing and refrigerating chambers.
  • Repacking and labeling products according to the customer requirements in unit packages, e.g. 4x2,5 kg, carton boxes, bags, etc.
  • Fruit peeling (coring, skin peeling)
  • Fresh and frozen fruit sorting.
  • Fruit stoning (cherries, plums)
  • Production of NFC Juices
  • Transport in refrigerating vehicles.

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